When can I apply?

Call for Applications is open all year round for residencies from April-November 2019.

Minimum stay is 3 weeks / Maximum 3 months. For other stay length please ask.

Please send the following information in your application email to

Pre-selected candidates will be called for a Skype interview.

1. About you:

  • Personal information
  • Discipline
  • CV, website or e-portfolio with images
  • Why are you interested in a residency at Córtex Frontal in particular?
  • Have you visited Portugal/Alentejo before?

2. About your project:

  • Application period
  • Brief description of your project or goal to be developed during your residency period
  • A timeline or working plan for the period (can be just a sketch)
  • Would you be available to offer something to the local community? (Open studio, workshop, performance, concert, exhibition, lecture…)

3. About your stay:

  • List of needs and requirements for your work/project
  • Particular housing needs

We do not expect you to necessarily realize a complete project during the residency period, but to use the period as a catalyst for further work or as a means to concentrate in completing some vital phase in your project.