Susana Paiva exhibition till 26th May

The Tapestry Museum of Arraiolos (CITA) hosts a photography exhibition by Susana Paiva, artist in residency at Córtex Frontal, from 7 March to 26 May 2018.

minimal unity – a three stages exhibition in one space [tool, enigma, matter]

A photo project by Susana Paiva

In the centre, the gesture, the wool, the stitch, the silver salt, the pixel. We aim at thinking photography and its possible relationship with the structure of the Arraiolos rug by finding the minimal – indivisible – unity that ties them together; working, metaphorically, that which is available to photography as if embroidering an Arraiolos rug; discovering intersecting points between writing with light and embroidering with wool; conceiving photography not only as a technique and a language but as effective writing onto which all desired material aspects may be mirrored.



Photos by CMA and Susana Paiva