Cristina O

En passant le tapis noir – A performance/photography project by Cristina Oliveira

“After a brief residency programme and intense cooperation with Córtex Frontal, the idea of a collaboration between me and the new residents, due to our geographical proximity and sharing interests, became a proposition of a work in progress.

Since 2016, each resident became a “subject” of work..
The supposed artistic sensibility and awereness to the matters of artistic speech, plus the different cultural backgrounds and areas of work and provenance, seemed to open a myriad of possibilities to work with, while offering a register of their brief passage.

Therefore, maintaining a short-lived and vivid relationship with the residents, became almost a daily base practice.

For each one a new research, a new theme, a small coreography and set to work upon, transforming each individual into a character. Still, an object that would pass them all: a black rug – “le tapis noir”, something dark as the matter with wich artists often confront themselves, in counterpoint to all the preconcieved ideas associated with fame and recognition.”

I put a spell on you – Images from the Solo performance made by Sophie Bortolussi at Córtex Frontal in 2017

Cristina Oliveira (Porto 1963)
E.S.A.P. (Escola Superior Artística do Porto)
1984 – 1988 • Porto . Portugal
Curso Superior de Arquitectura