Maria Marvila [Photography]

MARIA MARVILA is a young artist from Barcelona. She graduated in Fine Arts in 2015 at the University of Barcelona. Before continuing her studies in Fine Art, she wanted to spend some period in another context, different from home, where she could produce a project and formalise it.

Her degree project “Intim link” talks about sharing photographic intimacy in the internet.
She wanted to see what happens when connecting photo memories that are not in the Internet with the ones that are already there.
She compares the flat and objective images resulting from the Google “visually similar images” search engine with a new searching way of “conceptually similar images”, creating new and subjective image maps with photos from her own photo library.


MARIA MARVILA talks about her project at Córtex Frontal:

“Students of the local school were the main participants in this act of sharing: being asked to bring to class and share personal objects found at home. The resulting images of the objects shot were linked with other ones taken around the town. This subjectively linking process wants to counter Google Search by Image’s ‘visually similar’ way of connecting images, for the final installation. Taken during my daily walks in Arraiolos and its surroundings, they are my memories, part of my history here – to get to know a place one can feel the need to walk and to photographically capture what is wanted to remember. And this is what I’ve done here. Google Search by Image still doesn’t recognize that personal attribute of visual memories. It sees an image as a composition of colour, shape and light, rather than a memory attached to a certain feeling. The colours chosen to present the photographies, blue and white, are the ones I’ve seen the most here, from the white houses and the blue sky, and also want to emulate the colours used in portuguese azulejos.”

See some examples below of how Google Search by Image created ‘visually similar’ links between images of the student’s objects and other ones online.