Dotan Moreno [Printing]

DOTAN MORENO is an animation filmmaker, Illustrator and a visual artist from Israel.

“During the residency, I intend to work on a series of works (in drawing and print) related to the relation between Portugal’s past Jewish and Muslim culture, the Sephardic and Marranos, immigration and diaspora. Having roots in the Iberian Peninsula, I would like to further explore this base and what it means to me and to the present society and culture in Portugal.”

DOTAN MORENO talks about his residency work:

“I am working on a series of etchings and drawings influenced by characters from the Middle East and my ancestors, while thinking about people that have lived in the area of Arraiolos in the past and have influenced its current culture and customs. The time I spent in the residency and the surroundings gave me time to try and experiment with new techniques and themes that I can also develop in the future.”

The artist worked in the printing studio Imagem Impressa in Arraiolos. As a final collaboration project the Imagem Impressa Printing Association made an edition (35) of one of his printings and an artist´s edition (15) that will be send to the artist.

Fotos by Cristina Oliveira and Dotan Moreno

Final residency project: Film projection / Exhibition
At the end of his residency we projected his awarded short film Shouk and exhibited some of his printings made during the residency.