Dona Mª Angélica’s house [Visit+Exhibition]

Dona Mª Angélica Melo Mexia was the last owner of our house. She passed away in 2007 and left the house and its content to her godchildren and domestic servants. During the 1st Edition of the Évora Condominio Festival we invited them in order to lead an excursion through the house and its history.

Dona Mª Angélica was the nephew of the Portuguese modernist painter Dordio Gomes and she always loved painting. She wanted to study painting, but her parents didn’t allow her. She painted at home and used to give painting lessons to the town’s children.

Our guides had a great idea: Why not making an exhibition of the paintings of Dona Mª Angélica?

They gathered some of her paintings that were spread over their family houses walls and brought them back to the house. They were installed in the former Dona Mª Angélica´s room, around the table, as a dialogue between each other.

The invitation was open to all the town´s inhabitants so other neighbours came, participated in the visit and added their own stories about the past of the house and about Dona Mª Angélica.

We thank Gabriel family for their involvement and work.
See full text in Porguese about the history of the house.