Jon Merz [Painting]

JON MERZ is an artist from Switzerland living in Berlin.

About his work: “I work my way inside out. Inputs are reduced to a minimum. Means are accessible. Decisions are ad-hoc. Ultimately, I strive for a piece that is a consisten twhole, an entity with its own insight to offer. I don’t impose anything; I reveal what is already there. In a process of transformation I model and solidify ideas into form. In this fluid state of possibility I anxiously hold on to what is permanent. I turn to History for adventure, discovery, inspiration, and in this questI inevitably pick up ideas that transcend time, artistic expression that maintains its rigor through the ages.”

JON MERZ talks about his residency at Córtex Frontal (January 2017)

“I am working on a series of drawing I started in 2014. It has been an ongoing process and a lot of ideas for other works came out of it. The residency gave me a lot a space to try things out and quietness to really focus and dive in the work. The beauty of the countryside makes it ideal for small getaways around the village and the generosity of the locals makes you feel very welcome. It is hard to imagine the contour of a “final work” as it reveals itself to me as I am doing it, but I would like to have a strong group of drawing at the end of the stay.”

Final residency project: exhibition
At the end of his residency he exhibited some of his work in Córtex Frontal gallery:


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