When can I apply?

Call for Applications is open now for residencies from March-November 2018.

Minimum stay is 3 weeks / Maximum 3 months. For other stay length please ask.

Please send the following information in your application email:

  • Personal information
  • Application period
  • Discipline
  • CV, website or e-portfolio and artist statement
  • Brief description of your project or goal to be developed during your residency period.
  • List of materials or conditions that you will need for your work
  • Would you be available to offer something to the local community? (workshop, performance, concert, exhibition, lecture…)
  • Housing needs

What we expect and offer

Córtex Frontal relies on artist fees to operate.  The profits go towards the costs of running and maintaining the house and this project. Córtex Frontal has currently no funding.

Artists each have a private bedroom and some of them private bathroom as well. Shared areas are: Living room, kitchen, internet room, terrace and garden.
The house has different studio spaces so according to the artist´s needs and availability we will assign a private or shared studio.

If you are applying for a grant in your country or community we will gladly write a letter for you with all the information required.
Mobility funding opportunities can be found at

We will send our residency guidelines with some rules, tips and tricks about the use of the house.

We will inform you about events connected to your work happening in our co-organizations in Lisbon. We can also organise workshops open to the community or art schools, meetings, contacts and presentations with people in our collaboration network.

You can apply for the residency period as an individual artist, a couple of artists or a workgroup (with a common work plan).

We do not expect you to necessarily realize a complete project during the residency period, but to use the period as a catalyst for futher work or as a means to concentrate in completing some vital phase in your project.

For any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at